VCUAA Richmond Promise Mentor Program

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The Promise

To provide mentoring opportunities and pre-collegiate activities for thirty members of the ninth grade class at Richmond Community High School (program pilot school). The idea here is to provide students with some “hand-holding’ in preparation for their enrollment in institutions of higher education, as well as ongoing guidance after students begin their post-secondary experience to promote higher levels of academic and social success at the collegiate level.

Program Activities

The VCUAA Richmond Promise Mentor Program will seek to connect 30 VCU undergraduate and graduate students to an equal number of Richmond Community High School (RCHS) ninth and tenth graders.  The mentors will be both a friend and a role model who will support and encourage the ninth grader in his/her academic and personal growth. The VCU Promise Program will feature one on one academic and school adjustment mentoring to 30 RCHS students from the 30 VCU mentors.

VCUAA Richmond Promise Mentor Program Goals

The VCU Promise Program seeks to assist ninth grade students at RCHS through:

- Improving student’s academic performance

-Supporting the ongoing orientation process for RCHS students.  Help ease mentees stress associated with college by offering their support and experience, mentors can help mentees more quickly make this transition

-Developing a relationship between mentor and mentee.  The mentor and mentee should identify their expectations and the expected outcomes of participating in the program 

-Developing a familiarity with the resources available on the VCU campus

-Motivating students to research and apply for educational scholarships on a timely basis

-Connecting students with professionals in an anticipated college major

-Assisting students with preparing a college resume/portfolio

-Engaging students in relevant school and community service projects

-Introducing students to some of the cultural, social and recreational activities that occur on the VCU campus

-Identifying career goals and the necessary steps to achieve those goals


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